Freeman 333 Sale | He** of a deal! | Get 3 x 120 ml for $33 shipped free


Freeman Vape Juice is working hard to get our name out there. We have a huge deal on now and through Memorial Day. The 333 sale. Get 3 x 120 mls for $33. That works out to $11 per 120 ml and we ship it free. Shipping alone is $7 so we are really doing this to get out there and for vapers to discover how awesome our juice is. We have a cutting edge lab staffed by PhDs who also happen to vape;) We source the absolute best ingredients in the USA. Vape Freeman!


Also, this Memorial Day, we ask that everyone take some time to attend a Memorial Day event. It is an amazing experience. The number 333 is not just for our sale, 333 is the designation of a segregated Field Artillery battalion from World War II. Those men landed on D-Day and experienced heavy losses while staying at the front at the Battle of the Bulge.


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