Joyetech Ocular C 150W TC Touch Screen Box Mod deal

$39.95 $99.99

Joyetech Ocular C 150W TC Touch Screen Box Mod Overview

Joyetech’s new Ocular C is truly one of a kind, providing a multimedia-driven vaping experience that’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen before and pulling it off in remarkable fashion! This incredible 150W device is breaking barriers and setting records for what could possibly be the most innovative personal vaporizer of 2017.

At its core, the compact Ocular C is a powerful 150W device (200W upgradable) that’s powered by two 18650 batteries (not included) and equipped with Joyetech’s latest and greatest Temperature Control suite, providing accurate temperature control features with Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium coils. The Ocular C is constructed out of Stainless Steel and features almost identical design elements to Joyetech’s well-received 150W Cuboid Mod, standing at 91.5mm tall and 45mm wide. Unlike the Cuboid, however, the Ocular C is compatible with 25mm tanks and features a single firing button with a large 320 x 240 dpi color touch-screen that measures almost 2” across!

The Ocular C is equipped with a 3.5mm headphones jack and up to 2GB of internal storage space, allowing the user to store their favorite pictures or music to listen to while on the go. This device also features a fully customizable screen saver that can display both, digital/analog clocks, as well as any 240 x 320 stored photos or .jpg files that are on the device. The Ocular C provides a complete Puff History that displays the user’s vaping habits by day, and a Puff Counter that can be used to show the overall puffs taken and even set a daily puff limit.

If this list of features wasn’t impressive enough, Joyetech also equipped the Ocular C with a pedometer that tracks each step taken throughout the day. The Ocular C is Bluetooth compatible and can be connected wirelessly to any Android or iPhone device, allowing the user to sync their daily steps with their smartphone or transfer images wirelessly across platforms via Joyetech’s vaping app. Joyetech includes a Micro USB cable with the kit that can be used for firmware updates via PC or data transfers.

Joyetech’s latest Ocular C 150W TC Box Mod gives the vape community a unique perspective on what to expect from vape devices as we head into the future. If you’re looking for a powerful 150W TC ready device, love new high-tech gadgets, or are interested in the pinnacle of vaping innovation, check out Joyetech’s latest Ocular C 150W TC Box Mod today!

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